Best way to convert B2B Clients on automation

If you’re in B2B landscape where our goal is to sell out to decision makers such as CXOs, Heads, Directors etc. You will have to adapt to various strategies on how to persuade them to take a step to convert.

The first step is outreach either through cold email, LinkedIn or any other channel and the next step is to nurture them to offer value and the final stage is to make them purchase your services or products. This looks quite easy but it is actually complex since decision makers are top level executives and very hard to persuade.

In this blog we will talk about two best ways to identify intent and not waste our time reaching out to leads which never respond.

Intent 1 : Connecting with recent job changers

People who have recently changed jobs or been hired for a specific role usually for a purpose to bring change.

Example: Xyz company hired a ” Chief growth officer”.

Reason: Their growth was stagnant or they want to scale.

Responsibility: The responsibility of the new growth officer will definitely be to bring change.

Your approach: Show them how you can make it easy in their new organization to bring that change.

How do I connect with recent job changers?

There are multiple ways to connect with such people example using online databases which provide signals on job changes or use tools like LinkedIn sales navigator.

Utilizing Linkedin’s sales navigator

This is one of the most accurate data out there in the market since people are much active on LinkedIn and data is accurate. You can utilize the tool to track companies or people with real time alerts on job changes.

LinkedIn sales navigator provides multiple filters to filter out companies or leads based on demographics, geographics, industry filters or company filters.

LinkedIn outreach Salesnavigator

What are the best tools to automate outreach on LinkedIn?

We have analyzed over 30+ LinkedIn automation tools and figured out top 3 so you can skip the homework and dive into them right away.

  • Heyreach: By far one of the most budget friendly and easy to use tool available, You only pay for the fixed cost and can manage over multiple LinkedIn accounts with a single master inbox to respond.
  • Dripify: Another great tool with multifunction features available, which would help you to scale your LinkedIn outreach but also comes with an inbuilt CRM which can help to manage leads at one place.
  • Duxsoup: I have been using this one since past 2 years, It has recently added cloud version as well, the tool is little complex however it does the main job without getting you into any trouble.

Utilizing Apollo + LinkedIn Sales navigator

LinkedIn outreach can be slightly slow due to its limitations, one might want to use email outreach as a side channel too. Well that is possible by using on top of LinkedIn to extract email ids and use a tool like or Instantly to automate the cold emailing.

You can download extension and refresh your LinkedIn Sales navigator page so the extension buttons start to appear on it.

Sales navigator leadgen

You can directly save the profile to your Apollo list and extract the Email ID for cold outreach.

What are the best tools to automate email outreach?

  • Smartlead is highly advanced cold email outreach tool with a great deliverability management infrastructure and high end automations.
  • Instantly is quite similar to smartlead and a great alternative too, However it totally depends on your requirements as both tools perform similar but with different features.

Intent 2 : Connecting with companies with job postings

This is the second best intent to change, companies looking to hire for a specific roles is a direct indicator of their needs:

Example: Xyz Company looking to hire “Quality Assurance engineer”

Reason: They are in need to work on quality of their products

Your approach: Pitch in your quality assurance services and how it could save them the recruitment costs.

How do I find job posting?

I guess we all know the platforms where companies post jobs like LinkedIn, Indeed or Glassdoor to figure out list of companies currently hiring.

Top tools to scrape job portals

  • Instant data scrapper: It is a google extension which works on top of any website to extract the information. You could use it to extract various websites
  • Octoparse: Octoparse is another great solution to extract LinkedIn or complex job websites which are not extractable via other mediums.
  • Clay: Clay a very strong competitor of automation tools is a great choice but slightly expensive tool, however it does offer you free 500 credits each month.


So far we talked about the greatest intents such as recent job changes or job postings, its best to try out other things as well such as tech stack intent or funding rounds which can also help you to determine where would be the most success. I would also recommend you not to be blinded by outbound approach only rather you should work on branding and inbound and AI solutions which could help you to bring more longer term sustainability out there.

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