6 Ways to Find Clients for Call Center

In today’s digital world finding clients for call centers can be very challenging, you are facing competition with a lot of other call center agencies.

The only way to find in this competition is by taking a strategic approach because times are changing and relying on the same old tactics doesn’t work anymore.

You need an edge over your competitors if you want to find more clients for your call center and grow your business.

But no worries, I have covered the best 6 ways to start getting clients for your call center business.

I’m gonna explain the most affordable and most expensive methods in this blog, so whichever suits your budget you can go ahead and use the same.

6 Methods to Find Clients for Call Center Business

1. Cold emails

If I have to start a new business and I want to get clients quickly, I would choose cold emails as my first and primary channel. But why?

There are a couple of reasons but the best reason is they are affordable and easily scalable, also they are considered as a professional way of communication by business.

So if your cold emails are personalized and respect the time of prospects, you can definitely find clients for your call center business.

But how do you start with cold emails?

Cold emails can be affordable but they are very technical, you cannot send generic cold emails from Gmail or Outlook and expect to get clients because your cold emails will land in the spam folder.

If your emails land in the spam folder that means, no one will see them and no one will respond!

And even if you land in the primary inbox and your email is not personalized, prospects will not reply and they will send your email into spam.

That’s why cold emails are very technical and you should consider hiring an outside agency to do this, just like at Clicksuggest we help businesses to get more clients for their business.

Or if you want to do it yourself, then check our blogs you will learn everything you need to start with cold emails and find your first dream client.

2. Partnerships with Helpdesk Companies

This can be one of the best and most affordable strategies you can use to generate leads for your call center.

At Clicksuggest we have a client who sells BPO services and 40% of his clients are coming from helpdesk companies that he has partnered with like Zendesk, Gorgias, and Intercom.

Suppose you have good relationships with these companies and good ratings for your call center, whenever these Helpdesk companies get good customers for their software and are looking to outsource this operation. In that case, they will refer them to you.

But it takes a lot of hard work and patience to build such relationships, so work hard on your ratings and take time to create partnerships.

3. Cold Calling

After cold emailing my favorite strategy is cold calling, why??

Because cold calling helps you to create a personal connection with your prospects, while cold calling can be expensive and time-consuming it has one of the highest conversations!

With cold emailing, you can scale the number of prospects you want to reach in a day, but if your cold emails are very generic they won’t help you create good connections with your prospects.

So make sure you add cold calling to your lead generation strategy.

Here is what I recommend, you should first start with cold emailing and once you get a positive reply from a lead, you should call them, this will help with meeting the show-up rate and you can qualify the leads on the go.

or you can try cold calling and if they don’t pick up then you can send them an email. In simple terms, you have to use a multi-channel approach for your business.

4. Google Maps or SEO

More and more people are searching on Google every day and if your business doesn’t show up when someone is searching for call centers, then you are missing out on big opportunities.

These Inbound leads are very crucial for your business in the longer run and if you are not capturing them, it’s hurting your sales in the longer run.

So make sure you have a solid SEO strategy in place to rank for all the important keywords, if you cannot do it yourself, then find a good SEO agency and outsource this work.

Remember SEO can take time but it’s worth it!!

5. Paid Ads

Google, Facebook, and Linkedin are making billions every year with the help of ads.

That means more and more companies are using ads and making them profitable for their businesses, and let me tell you – ads are not only for B2C companies but B2B companies are also utilizing ads mostly on LinkedIn and Google.

Ads are costlier but they can get you in front of your clients very quickly and help you close the deals faster if you have a good offer.

But Paid ads shouldn’t be your long-term strategy as Ads are getting expensive every day and should also be used when you have a surplus budget.

If you are starting I would never recommend going with ads because you don’t know what pain points are working, what offers are working, and what kind of prospects are good for you.

So I recommend you to start with something that is affordable that is cold emails and SEO.

6. Linkedin Outreach

LinkedIn is the most underrated platform for generating leads. Every day more and more people are running towards LinkedIn to generate leads and there are a couple of reasons for that.

  1. While other channels are getting overwhelmed and saturated, LinkedIn has maintained strict control over how people use their platform, There are a lot of limitations on LinkedIn and people cannot use this for spamming.
  2. 80% of decision-makers are using LinkedIn to make their buying decision, when you are reaching out to someone, the first they do is, to check your LinkedIn and if you show up as an authority, then your chances of finding a client are easy.
  3. LinkedIn has tons of B2B clients, which makes it the ideal place to find clients.

So here’s how you use LinkedIn to find clients.

  1. Create high-quality content in your niche, no matter what industry you are in, having a solid grip on your niche is the key to finding clients on Linkedin. You don’t need to write on multiple topics.
  2. Now creating High-quality content can get you inbound leads, but what helps you find your ideal ICP is to slide into the DMS of your prospects.
  3. While sending DMS to your prospects, it’s important to ensure you have some personalization and you are reaching out to help them solve problems. Not to sell!!

I highly recommend never asking prospects for meetings or appointments, rather use soft CTAs like can I send more info, Can I send a video, is this something you are looking for?

With these simple and soft CTA’s you have a chance to get a reply, rather than asking your prospects to jump on a call with you.


To conclude this topic of finding clients for call centers, we all start somewhere, the best advice I can give you for lead generation is that, you should start with something that you are good with.

If you are good at cold calling, start ASAP, if you are good with cold emails, go ahead and don’t wait!!!, likewise if you are good with SEO or LinkedIn or paid ads, you should start ASAP.

I have worked with call centers around the world, and I can tell you this is one of the most promising businesses if you know how to generate a great pipeline for your business.

One thing I love about this business is that you can earn great margins, and retain clients for a longer period in call center business.

So go ahead and apply these strategies and you will definitely find success.

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