What is the use of AI in email marketing?

AI has advanced alot over the past 2 years with over plenty of tools and technologies out there in the market. Alot of agencies have already adapted to the latest tech and are killing the market competition. We did the same at Click Suggest as our R&D have made huge advancements and we have saved over 40% of the inhouse cost. So we will go in detail and try to understand the AI and how it can help in email marketing.

What is the use of AI in email marketing?

Email marketing is more complex these days as it was never before since alot of changes have occured over past 2 years. AI has significatly changed the way we do Email marketing: Here are the following use cases for the same

  • AI has enabled writing great copies without needing a content writer inhouse.
  • AI does help to understand your ICP and draft content around the same, Hence you can personalize the Emails to each person.
  • It helps to filter out the Non-ICP from your lists and clean out.
  • Helps you to understand the statistics from your campaigns and auto adjust campaigns for better performance.
  • Combined with automation it can do crazy stuff out there and replace your inhouse SDR’s by over 70%
  • You can sleep while the AI does work for you and book more appointments.

Combined power of Automation and AI

We have developed frameworks for our clients which have been magical by combining automation tools with generative AI like chatgpt. We talked about Automation on our previous blog. We have introduced AI to help us figure out stuff which automation alone can’t do.


  • Problem statement: One of our client wanted to track prospects who visited their website and filter out the ones which match their ICP and auto add them to an email sequence sending case studies and using an AI auto dialer to call the prospect.
  • Solution: We used RB2B, a personal level website visitor identifier to capture the website visitors and their details. We further pushed the data to Clay.com to help us find their linkedin profiles and data including ( Job Title, Industry and Technology being used ). On top of that we involved chatgpt to understand the profile and help us to figure out if they would be the right person or ICP to reach out. Once Chatgpt would give it a green signal it would write a personalized copy for the prospect to push to Smartlead for email marketing.

Further with the help of Aircall we were able to call the prospect to push them to book an appointment.

  • Benefits: This workflow alone helped us to book over 14+ calls each week without any involvment of an SDR or a person since it was whole automated. They close dover 30% of these deals and generated over $2M+ in sales.

Top AI tools and use cases

Chat GPT and AI marketing

Chatgpt has been a game changer, its ability of understanding a prompt and returning output can be a game changer for you. It can do the mental work for you and handle complex inputs.The API’s are pretty cost friendly and can save you a bunch of cost.

The use of Gemini for email marketing

Gemini is quite similar to chatgpt, but it has got fresh web data which is its advantage. The tool is quite popular among the AI community. But I’m still the fan of chatgpt.

Clay AI

Clay which is still infamous but one of my favourite tool, it combines automation and AI on the same platform. Its way more easy to use and has got an amazing community to help you out there. The Clay agent is its own AI inbuilt which can do complex things for you and aid your automation workflow

Smartlead is spreading like fire out there, an email marketing tool which easily integrates with other platforms. With its AI capability it is gonna change the game for you, The AI lets you auto categorize your responses and auto reply. It can generate copies for you and make super personalized responses for you. All inside a platform.

N8N is super crazy, its an integration tool where you can combine various tools even chatgpt to further strength your workflows. Highly recommended by me.

Will AI replace SDR’s?

Yes and No are my answers, AI will defiently change the way traditional SDR’s have been doing so far and replace the ones who would resist to the change, However the SDR’s who are well versed with the latest tech will be more in demand with a lot of cash being offered.

This trend is already out there, business owners are looking to get into advanced tech and they need SDRs or people to help them with that so yes if you start working on it right now, you definitely gonna have a very bright future.

What are some cons for AI? Do we have any?

Yes we only talked about Pros so far, but everything has a negative side if not used properly. While AI helps you to make tasks easier for you and replace that manual work for you. It can have side effects which can hamper your growth if not used wisely, that’s where we see major of founders or decision makers doing it wrong. Below are some of the cons which you should keep in mind

  • Incorrect output: Image you have replaced an SDR who used to manage your inbox for email marketing with an AI to respond and later realize the responses generated by the AI where inaccurate. How much loss would you suffer by losing out on those prospects?
  • Long blindness: People are using AI to draft strategies for them like writing email copy or resolving their decision making for cleaning and validating a list but it can go wrong since AI knows the short term goals for you and is unaware of long term goals. Which can totally generate an inaccurate output affecting your overall funnel.
  • Impact SDRs performance: If your SDR is letting AI to do the whole stuff it means they will slowly not get involved in the entire process or how things are happening and become lazy which can impact their overall performance.
  • Implementation costs can go waste: If you are trying to resolve a problem which is practically not possible with an AI or can generate wrong output, It would definitely waste your time and money.


While we can say AI is going to be a lot more beneficial for you if implemented successfully and change the whole game for you. But remember a good SDR is a brainy person who understands much better than some AI out there. Hence we should understand the value of and AI capable SDR and upgrade our skills. You can either have it Inhouse or outsource to an agency like Clicksuggest to do the work for you. Happy AI Email marketing 🙂

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