6 Ways to close more clients for Social Media Agency (SMMA)

What is Lead Generation?

If you’re looking for a rewarding and highly profitable business, then SMMA is what you should get into!

The digital world has changed how businesses operate now, with more and more companies taking their products and services online on social media platforms, the demand for skilled SMMA services is high as ever!

As a result, there are amazing opportunities for SMMA agencies to grow, helping these businesses thrive on social media platforms. 

So, whether you’re just starting or looking to expand your client base, we’ve got some friendly and straightforward tips to guide you on your path to success! 

Lets Goooo!!

Why start a social media Agency?

Why SMMA? Why not any other business such as content writing, Website design, SEO, PPC?

Well Social media has become the new Google, with millions of users using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to seek information, products, and services and to connect with their friends.

Whether it’s discovering new places to dine, finding exciting travel destinations, or scouting for top-notch products, social media has become a central hub for user inquiries.

With a vast majority of the population actively using  social media throughout the day, it has become important for businesses to establish a strong online presence. 

Having a strong social media strategy ensures that your brand reaches its target audience, building brand awareness and strengthening customer loyalty. 

This is where SMMA steps in!

The high demand for social media experts presents a golden opportunity for young entrepreneurs to venture into this flourishing business. 

With their knowledge and skills, SMMA professionals can provide business owners with tailored strategies to optimise their online presence, drive traffic, and convert leads into loyal customers. 

As the digital world continues to grow, investing in an SMMA has the potential to yield significant returns and position businesses for sustained growth.

6 Ways to Get Social Media Agency (SMMA) Clients!

1. Use Social Media itself to get your First Client

As a social media agency, what better way to showcase your expertise and attract potential clients than by utilising the very platforms you specialise in?

It may seem funny, but it’s an undeniable truth

Using social media to get your first clients can be a game-changer for your business.

By creating engaging and informative content on various social media sites, you can build a strong online presence and get a substantial following of 1000 to 2000 followers before using direct outreach such as insta DMs!

Having a high follower count shows credibility and trustworthiness to potential clients.

After all, if your agency cannot effectively grow its own social media presence, why would businesses trust you to manage theirs?

By investing time and effort into crafting valuable content, you establish yourself as a reliable source of information in your industry.

The content you post can range from tips and tricks related to social media marketing to insights into the latest trends and teaching others about social media.

Offering valuable content not only attracts potential clients but also establishes your agency as an authority in the field, further boosting your reputation and visibility.

As you grow your social media presence, you’ll likely notice inbound leads coming in.

When users find value in your content, they will naturally be drawn to check the service you provide.

This organic approach to lead generation can be highly effective, as these leads are already interested in what you have to offer, making them more likely to convert into clients.

Once you’ve built a considerable following and nurtured relationships with your audience, you can initiate direct outreach through cold DMs (Direct Messages) on Insta, Facebook and Linkedin. 

At this stage, potential clients will be more open to engaging with your agency, as they are already familiar with your brand and the value you provide.

In conclusion, harnessing the power of social media to get clients for your social media agency is a smart and strategic move.

By creating compelling content, building a good following, and establishing your authority, you can attract inbound leads and confidently reach out to potential clients, kickstarting your agency’s journey towards success.

2. Send Targeted Cold emails to potential clients

Sending cold emails to potential clients can indeed be a powerful strategy to generate high-quality meetings with high paying clients. 

However, it’s crucial to understand that there’s a fine line between effective outreach and spamming. 

When done with research and personalisation, cold emails can be a game-changer for your social media agency.

It’s essential to understand the difference between personalised cold emails and  generic mass-emailing. 

Successful cold email campaigns rely on personalization and targeting. 

Sending emails randomly to everyone, including those who may not require social media services, will only lead to a negative reputation and wasted effort.

To achieve good results, you’ll need to adopt a more sophisticated approach. 

You need to tailor your messages to each client, highlighting how your services can specifically address their business needs and goals. 

Take the time to research your prospects, understand their pain points, and show them that your agency has the expertise to provide the solutions they seek.

Given the competitive nature of the SMMA business, reaching a broad audience is essential. This means sending a considerable number of emails, ranging from 500 to 1000 emails per day

While this might seem challenging, it’s a necessary step to increase your chances of securing regular high-quality meetings.

But Remember!

Sending such a large volume of emails requires a well-organised and systematic process.

You’ll need to leverage automation tools, craft compelling templates, and manage your outreach effectively.

Regularly review and optimise your email performance to refine your approach and maximise results.

It’s crucial to respect the recipients’ privacy and adhere to email marketing regulations. Ensure that your emails are CAN-SPAM compliant and always provide recipients with an option to unsubscribe from further communication.

Simply put, cold emails can be a valuable tool to connect with potential clients, but it requires a strategic and personalised approach. By tailoring your messages, targeting relevant prospects, and efficiently managing your outreach, you can increase your chances of securing productive meetings.

Take the time to learn and refine your cold email strategy, and you’ll discover the benefits of this powerful marketing tactic for your social media agency.

For a comprehensive guide on how to send more emails effectively, be sure to check out our helpful resource!

3. Run Social Media Ads

When it comes to attracting potential clients for your social media agency, there are two primary approaches:

Organic and paid ads.

While organic methods can be effective, running social media ads opens up a world of opportunities to reach a larger audience and secure high-quality leads.

If you have the budget, running social media ads can be a game-changer for your agency. 

However, it’s essential to approach it strategically. Don’t simply use ads as a sales pitch; instead, offer something of value to your audience. 

It could be informative content, helpful tips, or a free resource that showcases your expertise and demonstrates the benefits of working with your agency.

Running ads to a specific audience is crucial for success. Rather than targeting a broad and generic audience, narrow down your focus to a highly relevant group of potential clients.

Use the powerful targeting options provided by social media platforms to reach the right people based on demographics, interests, behaviours, and more.

Remember to do A/B testing as it is a vital step in optimising your ad performance. Create different variations of your ads, such as different visuals, headlines, or call-to-action buttons, and see which ones resonate best with your audience.

By doing this it allows you to refine your ads and maximise their effectiveness over time.

By running social media ads strategically, you can not only attract potential clients but also establish your agency as a valuable resource in your industry. 

Providing valuable content and targeting the right audience will lead to more meaningful interactions and conversions, ultimately boosting your client acquisition efforts.

So, if you’re looking to take your social media agency to the next level, consider leveraging the power of social media ads to achieve your goals.

4. Join Relevant Groups

Personally I think this is one of the most cost-effective and efficient way to discover new clients for your social media agency!

Join relevant business groups on social media.

You will find every type of business on Social media and you will also find numerous groups catering almost to every business niche. 

When you become a part of these communities, you gain access to a potential goldmine of opportunities.

Within these business groups, you can showcase your agency’s expertise and share compelling case studies of successful social media campaigns.

By showcasing your track record and results can build trust and confidence among fellow entrepreneurs seeking social media services.

Engaging with other members in these groups allows you to connect with like-minded professionals, exchange valuable insights, and discuss common business challenges.

By actively participating in conversations and providing helpful advice, you establish yourself as a credible authority in the social media marketing space.

Through networking in these groups, you may find high-ticket clients who are in search of the right social media agency to meet their specific needs. 

A solid reputation and a willingness to drive results will undoubtedly attract potential clients to consider your services.

By leveraging the power of these communities, you can expand your network, showcase your expertise, and ultimately acquire high-quality clients who value the impact of social media marketing on their businesses.

5. Ask for Referrals from your Connections or Clients

As the saying goes, old but gold.

Asking for referrals from your connections or current clients remains a highly effective method for landing high-ticket clients.

The power of trust and credibility that comes from a referral can significantly increase your chances of closing deals successfully.

When you receive a referral from someone within your network, it means that they have faith in your abilities and the client they refer to you also builds faith in you!

This built-in trust can be a game-changer when it comes to getting over potential clients.

However, it’s important to uphold the reputation by consistently providing high-quality service.

If you find yourself lacking connections, start building now!!!!

Building a strong network is a proactive approach that pays off in the long run. 

Engage with like-minded individuals by joining relevant groups, connecting on professional platforms like LinkedIn, and attending webinars or industry events. 

Building meaningful connections not only opens doors to potential clients but also creates valuable relationships with industry peers.

Remember, the key to success lies not only in asking for referrals but in consistently delivering exceptional service that keeps clients satisfied and eager to recommend your services to others.

6. Do guest Blogging and podcasts

Guest blogging and participating in podcasts are powerful yet often underrated strategies for generating leads and establishing authority for your social media agency.

Usually sales gurus don’t mention a lot about this, but this method can get impressive results in attracting potential clients and growing your SMMA.

By contributing as a guest blogger on reputable websites or appearing as a guest on popular podcasts, you tap into established audiences that align with your target market. 

This exposure allows you to showcase your expertise in social media marketing, demonstrating your agency’s value and results to a broader audience. 

As readers or listeners become familiar with your insights and knowledge, they are more likely to consider your agency for their social media needs.

Moreover, participating in podcasts or writing guest posts on influential platforms can establish you as an authority in the industry. 

As your name becomes associated with valuable and informative content, you gain credibility, which in turn builds trust among potential clients.

This can be a powerful factor for other business owners seeking a reliable social media agency to partner with you.

Not only lead generation!

But guest blogging and podcasts can also contribute to building a loyal following.

As people Like and understand your content, they may choose to follow you on social media, subscribe to your newsletter, or visit your agency’s website regularly for updates and insights. 

This audience engagement provides opportunities for long-term relationships and potential meeting down the road.

Common FAQ

How to get SMMA clients with no experience?

If you really want to get SMMA clients but don’t have any prior experience, don’t worry – everyone starts somewhere! 

The key is to embrace a learning mindset and take steps to gain expertise and knowledge. 

Start by learning about social media through online courses, tutorials, and resources. This self-education will equip you with the fundamentals and best practices of the industry.

To gain practical experience, consider working with established social media agencies. Working with them as an intern or freelancer will allow you to understand their strategies, techniques, and how they find clients.

This exposure will be really helpful in shaping your approach to finding clients for your own SMMA.

How to get international clients for social media marketing?

That’s a great question!. Who does not want to work with international clients!

Getting to work with international clients brings more money into your business and helps build good connections.

But it’s very simple to find clients from international markets.

So to tap into the international market, you need to adopt a strategic approach. Start by identifying clients and businesses that operate in international markets, whether they have a global presence or target specific regions.

When reaching out to potential international clients, it’s crucial to maintain a high level of professionalism, show them the benefits they have working with you. Make it as personalised as possible.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that international markets can be highly competitive, as many businesses want to get international clients. 

To stand out, showcase the unique value your agency brings to the table, such as specialised industry knowledge or innovative strategies.

What does a social media agency do?

Social media agencies help business owners by leveraging the power of social media and help them get more customers by increasing their online presence and building new followers.

How much does it cost to hire a social media agency?

There is not a straight answer to this question and can never be!

The price depends upon your business, every business has different needs and wants, so they all need a personalised package that suits them the most.


In conclusion, whether you’re starting a social media agency or looking to expand, there are various effective methods to get clients.

Utilise social media to showcase expertise and connect with potential clients. Use referrals and networking to build trust and credibility. 

Consider guest blogging and podcasts for authority and leads. 

Don’t shy away from international clients; focus on professionalism and uniqueness. 

With dedication and continuous learning, success in the social media marketing world is within reach.

Remember, everyone starts somewhere, and taking proactive steps will lead to long-term growth. Keep going and make your mark in this dynamic field!

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