How B2B Start ups can generate leads for business

90% of the time Startups mistake the marketing funnel and they tend to work on single channel or depend too heavy on channels which can take away their business anytime. Its way more easy to maintain a sustainable funnel but takes time. The fruits can be reaped in future with a growth engine that sustains itself even while you’re sleeping.

How do I build a sustainable growth Engine?

To build a sustainable growth engine you need to consider multiple things. One of which is what would work for my business and what not? Here are few things you need to consider.

  • Identify characteristics of my ICP ( Ideal Customer Profile ).
  • Discover where they spend time and engage with channels.
  • Prioritize easy channels for initial engagement.
  • Gradually explore more challenging channels.
  • Develop strategies to maximize performance on each channel.

How does B2B Lead gen work?

I started my career around B2B Lead gen, I’d say there are two sides of it, one is generating a lead and one is generating a convertible lead. Leads can be generated by anything but if it doesn’t convert, it doesn’t make any sense.

We booked 300+ Appointments every month, we converted 0. We booked 100 appointments next month and converted 5 out of them. What was different?

It wasn’t hitting our ICP accurately but it was further digging down our ICP, based on the data we got from sales team we asked them to put it in excel and did our pivoting on it. We got to know what exactly in our ICP works so further digging down the ICP helped us to close 5. Alright too much talking, now here is the framework!!

B2B Lead gen system

  1. Email Marketing: This is going to be our no of on the list, we cracked the game of shooting out those emails on Automation, ensuring 100% deliverability and very compelling emails. This was something we helped us to book about 70% of our meetings.
  2. SEO: Yes we worked a lot of SEO for our clients, for major B2B clients SEO seemed to be something they wouldn’t like to prioritize. But we have been in the game for years now and its one of the most strongest way to generate high quality meetings which are just a step away to convert.
  3. Google Ads: Getting into highly targeted keywords which are BOFU or bottom of the funnel would change the game, but this is something we would prioritize for later for our clients once they have SEO traffic as well.
  4. Branding: NEVER FORGET TO BRAND YOURSELF!!! This is a very important thing out there, people purchase via trust not via your offer or how good that email was. They need to know if you’re a king out there or just another agency. So branding has been our P1 Emphasis that helps to convert.

Lets formulate your ICP

So you should know the following about your ICP

  • Location by country: Which locations do you want to target.
  • Location by state: Its best to further dig down by states and cities.
  • Company sizes: What is your ideal company size like, it depends on various factors including buying power, ease to convert and your product or service.
  • Job Titles: You can’t sell it to anyone, like if I’m selling an IT services product my best fit would be those engineering heads.
  • Annual Revenue: I don’t want to sell out to anyone who doesn’t have any budget at the end!
  • Industries: Important one, for example Marketing agencies, Banking, Financial sector etc.

What next?

Once you’ve formulated your ICP, now you can target them on different platforms.

I’d recommend the following:

  • Set up your account, this platform will help you to get B2B Databases.
  • Set up your account, this platform will help you with email marketing.
  • Set up your a proper website using wordpress or webflow.
  • Start getting in SEO by either learning it yourself or hiring an agency.
  • Web reputation, Start working on building your online reputation in platforms like G2, Capterra, Clutch.
  • Work on that dead LinkedIn page and start pushing out your content and connecting with your ICP.


I’d not drag too much info but conclude this by saying that B2B is a tricky game but not a difficult one. We should explore each channels and master them. Don’t rely on a single channel cause business is dynamic so are these channels. Instead focus on multiple channels which are going to work together for you and work on 360 degree marketing. There is way more of material out there available for you to just go and consume the same, Happy marketing!! 🙂

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